Show Schedule

Here is where we post the schedule of shows we have coming up.  We love hearing from you!  Please feel free to leave a comment on the page or email us at:

or if your on @ReverendTodd, @-Tbone-, @NrthnRebl

Or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter pages

Or leave a voicemail: (734) 328-2323

Ep 1 – Complexities of Consent 10/14/17
Ep 2 – Mental Illness and the BDSM Lifestyle 10/28/17
Ep 3 – Exploring Daddy/Mommy Doms and Littles Dynamics 11/18/17
Ep 4 – New to the Lifestyle 11/25/17
Ep 5 – Dom/Sub Drop and Aftercare 12/2/17
Ep 6 – 7 Types of Relationships 12/9/17
Ep 7 – Slut Shaming 12/16/17
Ep 8 – Highlighting the difference between BDSM and Abuse 12/23/17
Ep 9 – Public and Private Play 12/30/17
Ep 10 – Bondage with Illianna and Wild_Dracos 1/6/18
Ep 11 – Ethics and Protocol in BDSM 1/13/18
Ep 12 – Fisting 1/16/18
Ep 13 – Discussing Polyamory with Author -PageTurner- 1/20/18

Other Future Topics with no release date yet –

  1. Playing with your food
  2. Co-dependency in the lifestyle
  3. Interview Series – With Shibari Tops and Bottoms
  4. Who has the power in power exchange
  5. The Energy Exchange
  6. Transgender Series – Documenting and discussing the issues today
  7. Morality of alternative life
  8. Dating and trolls
  9. Playing in Extremes – Blood Play and more
  10. STI’s and You
  11. Respect yourself and your neighbor
  12. Erotic Art vs Porn

These are always subject to change…. But this is the rough outline of the shows we plan to release in the next several weeks ahead.  Stay tuned as we add topics and shows to the list.

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