Ep 22 – Erotic Hypnosis with Mark Wiseman

Mark Wiseman is the author of romantic, realistic hypnoerotica (as seen on mcstories.com) and real-life professional consulting hypnotist and hypnosis/NLP trainer. I’m also a service dom in a loving, committed relationship with an absolutely brilliant, loving, sexy, fun, dynamic lady called Dani. We are possibly the most vanilla kinky people you’ll ever meet, but we’re okay with that if you are.

His two books are –
1.  Mind Play: Guide to Erotic Hypnosis
2.  The Mind Play Study Guide

They can be found on Amazon, click the links above to pick up a copy of his books.

Mark travels quite a bit and he loves to teach people, so if you’re planning a con and would like someone to introduce your attendees to erotic hypnosis, or if they already know about it and want to learn more, he is happy to come and teach at your event. If you’ve had bad experiences in the past with erotic hypnotists, let him show you how this community actively promote and practice good consent policies, respect for partners, and a high standard of ethical behavior.

Email – (wiseguy35@gmail.com).
Tumblr – https://hypnoobiwan.tumblr.com/
Blog – http://mindplayblog.blogspot.com/

He mentions several groups around the country in this Episode of the Ascension Show, listen and get your travel plans set!!


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