Ep 21 – Sexual Health Awareness

We fear talking about sexual health and STD’s.  We believe that it couldn’t happen to us and that we will somehow remain untouched.  So burying our heads in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist till it affects our lives is the general path.
The truth is, just because you contract an std/sti, your life does not have to be over.  You can lead a full healthy life as well as a healthy sex life.

Join us as we speak with Jenelle Marie Pierce – the Founder & Executive Director of The STD Project, a Spokesperson for PositiveSingles.com, an STD Expert for Answers.com, an eater of jello, and a lover of snow. She is also proof an STI is not a deal-breaker or the end of your world; rather, it is merely an unexpected curve-ball in this interesting game we call life.

Have a certified Care Advisor from STD Test Express answer your questions – US only


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