Tell us your story!

We are working on a experimental personal story telling part of the podcast, where we feature guests who are willing to share their story with the audience.

We all have stories we like to share right? This is a perfect chance to share a story about your life, your experiences, how they impacted you and what you might have learned from them. We want to try and keep the stories to around 15-20 minutes.
It can be about anything in your world and life you care to share.

The spotlight is yours to step into, be heard, laugh, cry, educate and show the world who you are.

Comment in this thread or message us and we’ll get time setup for your story to be heard!

For those of you struggling with where to start, here are some starter questions …

When did you first get involved in kink? What were the circumstances?
What was your first kink relationship like?
What is your current kink relationship like?
When did you attend your first party? Where was it? Were you nervous?
Are you “out”? If so, to whom? How did that happen and how did they respond?
Are you a top or bottom role? Have you always been? How did you figure that role out?
What was your best kink experience?
What was your worst?
Are you mono, poly, something else? How did you figure it out? Are you still figuring it out?
Are you hetero, bi, something in the middle? What was the story of how you came to understand your sexuality?
Are you CIS, trans, non-binary? Tell us how you realized your gender identity? What was it like and how did others respond?

There are so many more …

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