Welcome to Fetlife. Mr. Grey will NOT see you now.

The Reverend Rants

So, maybe you’ve read the “50 Shades” books, read one of the many knock-offs or saw the movie and you are now dying of curiosity. You suspect, deep in your heart that maybe you are submissive. You are certain there is a tall, handsome Dominant man out there who is just the perfect match for you.

So you came here. To find him. That Dom in the snappy suits who just knows what you need without discussion. He can read your unspoken desires like braille just from his touch and introduce you to all the things you are too scared to ask for.

Make no mistake. There are a lot of very good, Dominant men on Fetlife. Men who would make great partners, both in D/s and even relationships. Okay, you may have to wade through a small ocean of dick pictures and misogynistic douche nozzles to find them, but…

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