What makes an event/venue successful? -Tbone-

IMG_1438Written by -Tbone-

The people.

The energy…that comes from the people.

Over the past few months, NrthnRebl and I have had many discussions on what makes a venue the place where people want to hang out. Here are a few things we’ve discovered:

1. We have trusted staff. Each one of our crew bring something unique to the team…and we are a great team. They don’t need to wear a vest that screams to everyone that they are a DM. People know that they are being watched and they know that the team is available and present. They respond to issues efficiently and if necessary, discretely. They respect people and make it their goal to create a positive experience for everyone. Thank you all…you are the best!

2. We are real. No bullshit. We want people to be safe. We want people to be accepted. We realize that there is a vulnerability to doing what we do and therefore, we try to create an environment that allows people to be themselves.

3. We evolve. Reassessing priorities and looking for new ways to bring the community together. New events and new faces…breaking down the walls that keep the tribes separate from the whole.

4. We educate. Knowledge is power and we want everyone to be empowered. We can only be successful if the people are empowered and that can only happen if the knowledge is shared.

5. We believe in what we do. We care about the community. We support the people and we believe that we can all ascend to greatness…by working together.

6. The people that attend are comfortable and feel safe. When people feel like they are home, they are open and friendly. The energy is positive and nurturing. Thank you to everyone that attends our events and helps make it a success.

Without the people, the venue is just a place.

Without the people, an event is just a date on a calendar.


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