Upcoming -PageTurner- Interview

We’ll be recording the show with the Author -PageTurner- on January 11th with a release date of 1/20/18.  Then she will be at Club Ascension in March to teach a class on the topic of Polyamory.  If your located in Michigan and want to see -PageTurner- this would be a great chance to do so.

Here’s a little background about -PageTurner-:

She is the author of 2 books on polyamory:

1. A Geek’s Guide to Unicorn Ranching
2. Poly Land

as well as the founder of the popular daily polyamory website Poly.Land and a relationship coach in the poly and kink communities.

Her third book, Dealing with Difficult Metamours, is coming out in the spring.

“No matter what, I post a new article to Poly.Land every day — it’s important to me because there weren’t nearly as many resources when I was struggling a decade ago as a newly polyamorous person… I like to give readers something they can look forward to every day, especially if they’re stressed out and struggling to adjust to being polyamorous in a monogamocentric culture. In a way, I try to be the polyamorous friend/pen pal that I wish I’d had when I was newly poly.”

-PageTurner- also does a fair bit of freelance writing for various magazines (online and print) — The Establishment, Kinkly, Bolde, and Archer

She has personally been having formal polyamorous relationships for about a decade.

Prior to working in the realm of alternative relationships, she was a psychological researcher (the studies she conducted were on creativity, sexual orientation, and stereotype threat/boost) before becoming an organizational development manager for a psychological consulting firm. Essentially, she worked with Human Resources reps and managers at various companies to help them learn how to best train their staff and resolve workplace conflicts. In that capacity, she recruited and trained a staff of educators who would help our clients manage their workplaces.

Tweet us any questions you would like us to ask her while she is on the show @ascensionshow

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