I am NOT an alpha male – ReverendTodd

RevTodd2Written by ReverendTodd

There is a tendency within humans to wish to categorize people. As a species our brains have evolved to search for patterns and our tribal instincts make us wish to sort people into certain tribes based on their behavior.

Thus, when wildlife biologist L. David Mech published his book, “The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species” in 1970 and reinforced the notion of the “alpha” wolf or pack leader, humans took this notion and attempted to graft it onto human behavior.

Because humans are dumb that way.

Mech has since disavowed his earlier work and published new work destroying the idea of an “alpha” wolf. Humans, by and large, didn’t get the memo.

So, we have this ridiculous notion of an “alpha” male. We all know the stereotype; they are confident, competitive, dominant, loud, have firm body language, etc. You can find a whole list of these stupid traits here (warning, it makes your head hurt: http://www.tobealpha.com

What these characteristics basically add up to is that if you are a loud, pushy, obnoxious asshole then you are the perfect “alpha” male.

See, here is the thing I have observed, in my time … for too many of these guys it isn’t enough for them to see themselves this way. They need to make sure that everyone else does too. They need a posse of sycophants to surround them and tell them how awesome they are. They insist on being in charge and are willing to throw down with anyone who challenges their notion of themselves or their status.

In other words; an asshole. Seriously. Like every bad 80’s teen romcom asshole named Todd who would have been played by James Spader back in the day (which sucks because he is an awesome actor).

So, this ridiculous definition of manhood persists. And I firmly, 100% reject it. Do I have some characteristics of a “alpha” male? Sure, maybe one or two. So does almost every man and woman.

Maybe I am an “omega” male? You know, quiet, not ego driven, just gets shit done and doesn’t spend time bullshitting about it or preening or posturing? Sure, I have quite a few of those characteristics too. I bet you do, also. You can read more about this idiotic definition here: http://www.alphamale.co/life-of-an-omega-male-6-characteristics-traits-of-an-omega-male/.

The truth is, that all of these social hierarchy definitions are complete bullshit. Modern humans simply don’t work that way.

So, what am I? God forbid I leave you with no simple solution on how to define me. It would be Old Testament bad. It’s simple … I’m a Reverend, baby.

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