The Rambling Rebel,

My involvement with alternative lifestyles and kink, over the years have caused moments of pause.  Moments, I’m not sure others experience in other lifestyle choices.  If they do not try to pursue and figure out who they are as a person.

One of the tenets of BDSM I have had drilled into me since my first steps into the “Dark Corridor” of kink.  Was to know thyself, embrace who you are and seek knowledge to grow. IMG_1413

The thing about seeking knowledge, growing, knowing yourself and embracing it…  Is that as you gain more knowledge and experience your views and perceptions change.  I feel like I am on a perpetual evolution of never ending growth and I like it.  My father used the word “Think” a lot when I was growing up.  But when we are young we always have all the answers.  So, at the time, his words were generally lost on me.  “Think before you speak, Think before you act, Think before you do anything”.

Which brings me to the topic I’m rambling about today.  It is kind of a follow up to the Slut shaming and Sexual Harassment episode we talked about on the Podcast recently.


A friend of mine posted a meme (to the right side).  Which is about all the sexual harassment claims that have come out in 2017 against many people in the public eye.  Its purpose is meant to be humorous.  I’ll admit, I chuckled at the meme.  But then that pesky echo in my head rang out and said “Think”

IMG_1414Humor is a good tool for reducing stress.  It helps us physically, mentally and emotionally when we laugh.  Humor is also a way to minimize struggles of others and make them seem less significant when the humor is directed at their expense.  Of course, it can be said that humor is a vehicle to provoke thought about an issue or subject as well.  How do you think humor is being applied to the meme I was speaking about a few minutes ago?  Minimization of the sexual harassment problems today would be my guess.   And to set the record straight.  Both men and women, boys and girls get sexually harassed and assaulted.  It is more typically expressed as sexual harassment against women.  But, it does happen to men and boys as well.

It is all about power or perception of power.  Who has it, who does not and the conflicts it creates within the powerless.  So think before you speak, act or do anything.

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