Writers, Actors, Actresses and things…

After the first of the year, thinking around February.  We would like to start rolling out some educational video, 5 minute comedy skits and 5 minute film shorts that relate to alternative lifestyles in positive ways.

This is something additional we are tacking onto the Podcast which is also tied to Club Ascension….. When we re-opened the doors we came out swinging with a very large vision in mind. We keep trying to advance that vision whenever possible and it gets tough sometimes.  From financial burdens to just not having enough hours in the day.

Quick Patreon Plug….. Your Support does matter and helps us create more to help promote alternative living.

So writers we need you to help us create these short video and film segments. We think we have the technical side of filming covered at the moment. But it never hurts to have a list of folks with technical skills as well.

Actors and Actresses…. We’ll need you for the roles in these film shorts. And no this is NOT PORN shorts.  We are looking for ways to promote alternative lifestyles in a positive light.

Essentially, we want to expand our crew and are looking for volunteers to help us in this endeavor.

Feel free to email us directly or leave a comment below.

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