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A free form conversation podcast discussing healthy sexuality in alternative lifestyles. Our topics are all over the spectrum of kink and the world around us. The hosts -Tbone-, ReverendTodd and NrthnRebl bring you their take on living alternatively and we often interview others from various kink and sexuality backgrounds to talk about their experience and views as well. Our schedule is uploaded regularly twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday). Hearing from you is important to us, so that we can better guide the show in directions you are interested in. The goal of the show is to bring more light to living your life your way. No one should live in fear over the things that bring them joy!

You can find the show on iTunes, TuneIN Radio, Stitcher, GooglePlay Music, SoundCloud, Blubrry

Lastly, your Patreon support helps us keep the lights on, the recording rolling and show flowing.  We have reward tiers starting at $1 a month.  Help a little show out please 🙂

Other Links for the Show –

Leave us a voicemail – (734) 328-2323
email: ascensionshow@club-ascension.com
Contact us on FetLife – @NrthnRebl, @ReverendTodd, @-Tbone-
Fetlife Group – The Ascension Show
Twitter – @AscensionShow
Facebook –www.facebook.com/theascensionshow/
YouTube – www.youtube.com
Club Ascension Website – club-ascension.com

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